When the derangement blinds one to common sense the results are something to behold. CNN’s Brianna Keilar had on the air Tim Murtaugh, communications director from the Trump campaign. It was rather evident that Keilar was on an agenda, as she very quickly resorted to challenging Murtaugh.

The contentious interview can be seen here, and the combative nature continued on social media. It began when CNN figure Kyle Feldscher weighed in with information he felt disputed comments Murtaugh had made during the interview.

Brianna then felt the need to level a stern accusation at Murtaugh as a follow up.

It took Tim just moments to respond.

Once faced with a rebuttal it took Brianna hours to formulate a response. It was not a strong one, as it echoed what Murtaugh mentioned in their interview, that she was cherry picking data to fit her narrative.

Murtaugh provided her with conflicting data, something that actually displeased her.

And just to add to the conflict, Tim managed to show the CNN anchor he had not ”made stuff up” by giving her conflicting news from — CNN.

Keilar gave this, and a series of other links, all disputing the effectiveness of HCQ.

It is a debatable issue, sure — except what Brianna is missing is her initial charge was that Tim had simply made up his points. He had not, and he brought the evidence to back up his claims, within moments. It took hours for Brianna to compile her string of conflicting links, and it still did nothing to dispute her charge.

She had called Tim a liar, and he disproved the accusation, using a CNN report in the process. A decent person would have at that point at least apologized. Instead Brianna ended her tweet storm with a flourish, indicating she was insisting she had won.

Brianna Keilar only proved she is not a decent person.


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