Let’s see how long this is allowed to last.

In New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio is far too too busy painting the streets with protest murals to be concerned with the rising murder rates. Since the press feels this is a far greater use of political capital then roadside murals must be considered noble and ethical efforts.

In that vein then this painted roadway should make banner headlines in an unbiased and neutral media complex.

This was done by Tayler Hansen, a right-of-center pro-life activist and therefore someone who is regarded in the press on par with a unicorn. He has some video shot by drone of his handiwork.

It is a compelling way to work the messaging, since so many in the media have been praiseworthy over this type of protest.

And predictably, there were those who saw this and were upset at the effort being made.

Curious, are abortionists now a protected minority in this country?

We here at Twitchy do not claim to be protest authorities, but I think they just accused Tayler of Appropriating Activism.

Maybe if they were truly concerned about black lives they would look into the abortion rates of black pregnancies at Planned Parenthood.



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