We, in these trying times™, can count on one thing, now more than ever™, from the press, as we are all in this together™ — they will do anything to politicize the pandemic.

It was recently announced that the Governor of the state of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, has tested positive for coronavirus.

Does this kind of report bring forth the well wishes and kind words of hope for a speedy recovery? Let us take a look…well it says here that Gov. Stitt is a Republican, and that he has not mandated a mask order — so ”NOPE!”

The media, in the most sympathetic way possible, have been rushing to point out how Stitt has brought this on himself. If only these feverish minds, who always lectures about the need to follow medical professionals,  followed their own mandate they would not appear so foolish.

”Siri – what is the incubation period of coronavirus?”

Given that Trump’s rally took place beyond that incubation window it would be expected these experts in epidemiology working in the media, with a minor-degree in contagion, would grasp that if Gov. Stitt had contracted the virus at the rally he would have already been positive.

We are sure he will either be brought up on charges, or a recall election is imminent.

A number of other journalists caught Stitt in another ‘gotcha’ moment…or so they thought.

In March you say? That’s one Looooonnnngg incubation period.  Okay, since Kaitlan and James believe that those who were encouraging lives to be led from back in March are devious, or something, let us also indict other politicians who were this dangerous and reckless.

Is that better, or worse than ”keep living life”?! Then let us remember it was around this same time that AOC declared it racist if you did NOT go out to eat Chinese takeout food.

And just for good measure, in a now deleted tweet the Mayor of Austin Texas was seen in a video, sitting in a restaurant with other politicians, basically begging for Texans to go out and have margaritas. So to pretend that Governor Stitt was a lone voice in the wilderness on the matter is a bit more than ridiculous.

And, since we are dredging up 4 month old tweets to prove…something, let us never forget this gem from one of our higher leaders.

Get well, Governor Stitt and may I suggest, at least for your mental health, do not go on social media for a while.


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