Earlier today we reported how the group of NT cranks over at The Lincoln Project fired aa video staffer, former Townhall staffer Ben Howe, over some off-color tweets he posted…SIX YEARS AGO.

Well, as we have learned, in this era of militant tolerance those older messages are something that cannot be tolerated.

The amusement behind this decision is that one of the founders of The Lincoln Project, Rick Wilson, is a man himself who has been far more caustic on social media. Many wondered aloud how long it would take for the avowed Confederate-loving cooler owner to have his checkered Twitter past rear up in similar fashion.

Mark it — it was a matter of hours. A couple of posts from Howe where he used rough language to describe the female anatomy was justification for his ouster, so Tom Elliot over at Grabien nabbed a full collection of posts by Wilson which seem to exceed the crassness from Howe.

(formal WARNING for crude linguistics ahead)

Well now, that is not just a wider collection of instances from Wilson, but quite the variety!

Also of note, many of these were broadcast by Wilson recently. Makes you wonder if a couple of verbal indiscretions from half a dozen years back is a fireable offense, what then of these newer cases? Oh…and of greater volume? Tom Elliot actually piles on.

Yes, very good to see that The Lincoln Project has such a high moral standing on the issue.

Yes, we had to dredge that up again. I think that cooler is available in The Bulwark Shop.

Just good to know that the moral compass at The Lincoln Project has a manual dial adjustment for its own members.


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