It seems the more politically involved and socially conscious a celebrity believes they are the more they are actually in need of having another set of eyes around to vet their social media wisdom. Case in point, the ever oblivious Alyssa Milano.

Debra Messing in another who is perpetually on the aggression — it is a real talent to make ”shrill” come through clearly in her tweets. Well she had some comments to make in regards to the recent announcement that Kanye West would run for President, and if you thought she might oppose the idea based on his policy platform let us show you otherwise.

Kanye is going to ”take” votes from Biden. You see, Biden owns those black votes — they BELONG to him!

Well one of those black voters had a few thoughts on this rather distasteful stance by the high-minded and very socially upright actress.

Debra went about correcting this POC female on the proper way to think and act.

A black voter is attempting to inform Debra about the implication made about how she is ”supposed” to vote. Her comment about her vote being earned is a salient one. But the enlightened Ms. Messing was having none of it.

Just astounding. A white, wealthy celebrity — the very definition of privileged — telling a black woman that she is voting wrong, and does not ”really care” about the African American community. Not nearly as much as the millionaire actress cares, you see.

It is times like this when you do not want to shut down an individual, but let them keep talking as they expose who they actually are, in their own words.

Uh, she works harder than Debra Messing’s tweets??? This does not seem accurate.

Oh man, there is so much truth in this assessment, and Debra Messing does not even grasp that this is her message.

This is a thought that will find no purchase in Deb’s infertile brainpan. She is a woman that sees a Kanye Presidency in only racial terms, and then insists that in doing so she is not racist. Somehow.

As we said  – this woman needs to hire a tweet editor.