With the current batch of social upheaval we are dealing with there has been a lot that is difficult to accept, and far more that is near impossible to understand. Landing near the top of the list has to be the white woke crowd spearheading the cancel culture of many, all in the name of understanding.

Dave Rubin has shared with us a video that may typify this experience better than any. Just watch this Zoom meeting and behold possibly the most polarizing example of outrage and illogic.

This screechfest was about one of the teachers who had a POC friend in his home and he sat before the camera with his friend’s nephew on his lap. A white teacher with a young POC child on his lap inspired this outrage. The tiring aspect is what is becoming a leftist trope; yell about what is ”obvious racism”, but when you ask them to detail what is racist they ramble on about how it is not their responsibility to educate…on what they claim is blatant and obvious.

It is a staggering sight to behold and, sadly, not at all surprising in this day.

That is spot on. Nuance and interpretation seem to be a threat to their power base.

Normally we may be hesitant to say one woman can be emblematic of everything we have been dealing with in this unhinged era, but damn if she does not make every attempt at being the image of distemper in this country.

Just for the sake of clarity the entire meeting is available here, and the hypersensitivity on display makes no more sense when placed in full context. Sadly, this is the state of our educational system.





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