We know that everyone has been saying there is a remarkable lack of any social activist entertainment options, besides some television shows. And movies. Also streaming services. And sports, and online content. And magazines and news networks. Besides those you might be hard-pressed to find any serious content.

Take a moment to give thanks because the Disney Corporation will be able to fill any voids. The entertainment company has announced today it has struck a creative deal with…uh, the to this point uncreative non-producer.

According to the press release from ESPN —

The Walt Disney Company today announced an overall first-look deal with Colin Kaepernick’s production arm Ra Vision Media. The partnership will focus on telling scripted and unscripted stories that explore race, social injustice and the quest for equity, and will provide a new platform to showcase the work of Black and Brown directors and producers. The first-look deal will extend across all Walt Disney Platforms including Walt Disney Television, ESPN, Hulu, Pixar, and The Undefeated. Kaepernick will work closely with The Undefeated, which is expanding its portfolio across Disney, to develop stories from the perspective of Black and Brown communities.

This is such a relief, because finally he can get his voice heard and have his grievance messaging delivered to the nation. </sarcasm>

Disney’s big boss sounds excited about this.

The first project will be all about — are you sitting down — Colin Kaepernick. It will be a series all about what Colin has been doing for the past 5 years — because the constant media blasting of his actions and contempt have not been enough.

I suppose this makes some sense – he has been acting as if he was locked out of the NFL due to politics and not his 1-11 record before he quit his contract for free agency. He has also acted as if the league has prevented him from earning a living, while he has pocketed millions from Nike. So yes, he is at least good at comedy.

And just in case you had it in mind that there would be the possibility of any of these programs being filled with insufferable lectures and probably unwatchable let us assure now — they most certainly will be that.

The woman let go by ESPN and the guy who talked himself out of a career in professional football will team up to tell us how horrible this country is in their new productions. This sounds like the polar opposite of ”Must See TV”.