The Fail is strong with this crowd.

The ever-obsessive and frequently stunted crowd at The Lincoln Project really are an undiluted source of hilarity. Their disdain for President Trump is obvious, blatant even. Yet they strive so hard to drive the point home. ”No – we really super REALLY don’t like him! Like a LOT!!!”

Whenever President Trump gives a rally speech you can count on the Never Trump mouthpieces Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt to give a running commentary on their timelines, as well as their money-vacuum super PAC The Lincoln Project. The monologues on those accounts were as unhinged as a screen door in a tornado, as expected, but the Lincoln Project may have taken the prize for the night.

Just to understand, these are the people who attempt to mock anyone on the right who does not agree with them…which by now means, anyone not Democrat. You have to love that the group always attempting to paint those on the right as stunted unthinking illiterates are so caught up in their emotional furor over Trump to tweet out such idiocy.

Yes, yes they are. And just incase the elevated minds at TLP think they have Trump on record doing something unique here, some evidence from the past may help.

In truth, if there is any question to this it would be if someone who is NOT the military’s highest leader is seen saluting. Such as, oh just to pick a random example, maybe the Lincoln Project’s current man-crush ?

This is a rather succinct and pithy summation. And accurate.

That should be the mission statement on the wall in the lobby to the Lincoln Project offices. You do not need to be accurate nor make sense to gobble up Democrat donations to spread out among the members under the guise of political action.