When you think we might have reached Peak Idiocy with all of the activist virtue signaling taking place, that is when another head-shaking moment rears itself up. While the protestors/rioters/statue critics are expected to be a backwards-think lot you might expect some logic to creep in when it comes to the leaders of our universities.

Then again, when it is the campus from which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez matriculated maybe we should not expect higher learning to take priority. Word came from writer Jennifer Van Laar of partner site RedState that Boston University, of which she is an alumnus, would be looking into making some changes in the name of sensitivity.

She sent word to one of our top-10 editors that BU was considering looking into making a serious change to a hateful image on campus.

They seem to be serious, which makes this amusing as hell, unless you are a fan of the school.

BU is not widely known in sports except it is a college powerhouse in hockey, with both men’s and women’s teams being competitive annually. Rhett is a fixture at the rink, and his logo adorns the jersey and fan apparel.

There are layers of ridiculousness in this call to look into a name change due to sensitivity. Just for starters, is the mere name ”Rhett” going to become considered racist? Just because some stunted minds are incapable of realizing a movie made in the 1930s and depicts a story from the 1800s does not mean every single attachment to the film is inherently racist.

Secondly, the possible connection that exists between a movie based on the Civil War Antebellum Atlanta characters and a university that has operated in the New England stronghold of Boston in the prewar era is remote. The dog mascot is the breed that is specific to the city, a Boston Terrier. No one is conjuring up slavery imagery, but applying logic is futile with virtue signaling maneuvers which are always rooted in emotion.

Lastly, the letter sent out today states the college is not even aware when Rhett was given the moniker. With that nebulous past it is safe to say they cannot establish any type of connection to the now-regarded ”hateful” film. The closest theory as to the derivation — the school’s colors are white and…scarlet. Seriously, if that is the sole reason…

Now, in these uncertain times, the question has to asked — given the dark hue of this sculpture is it honoring POC, or is this a hateful representation and as a result becoming another statue that must be felled?