Because everything is dumb and this nation is on the brink of being tossed into a burning dumpster and pushed into a polluted ravine, we have come to this.

Okay, that is a bit dark. I actually see us coming out of this sequel to ”Idiocracy” and being stronger as a result — but then I always see the pitcher of martinis as half full. (At least that less blurry one in the middle.)

This week we saw the sheer lunacy of the unhinged leftists when a college football coach was the focus of the rabid mobs for a photograph where he was wearing a One America News Network t-shirt on a fishing trip. The media wailed, a player threatened to quit the team, and the black activists were in full-throated rage…over a t-shirt.

Well — they got to him. Gundy – a man who was once quoted saying, ”I don’t give a rat’s ass about Twitter” — has effectively been forced to take a knee. Watch this apology video from the coach once considered a man, and see if you can spot the shadow of the hostage-takers in the frame.

His t-shirt affected his player’s heart. A t-shirt. I am certain these players were not the least bit bothered until the press came forward and distributed the video of Liz Wheeler saying selectively chosen words. But once they got wind of that corrupted claim Gundy was a man in the cross-hairs. And now today he is on camera, looking broken and weak, apologizing for a damned shirt he wore on a fishing excursion.

Let’s take a look at this ”proof” of OAN being a racist outfit. Liz Wheeler offered up the best summation of what is happening here. She addressed Tim Burke, one of the louder voices who distributed her video clip as evidence that Mike Gundy had hatred in his ignorant heart.

If you click on the YouTube link you will see it was posted July, 2016. That means the ”proof” of OAN being a racist outlet was based on a lone video clip, made by one of the on-air anchors, made FOUR YEARS AGO. And THAT was enough to have a man’s career in the balance — for wearing a t-shirt.

What we need to see is not more understanding, not more people willing to bow to the first sign of complaints. People need to stand up and tell these vacant-minded accusers how they are peddling garbage and doing nothing to advance healing in the country.

The more people who bow down to the outrage the more of this insipid outrage we are going to be treated in the coming days.


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