Look, we understand — there is strife in the country for some people, and the current bout of protests and riots is serving as a dose of catharsis. There is also any number of opportunists. But through it all we are not as bad as a country as is being portrayed. Case in point, many of those doing the complaining are doing so within our borders, where they are permitted to do so and are here willingly.

Tonight is the second installment of the attempt to fix all of our issues for POC citizens, as Oprah Winfrey hosts a roundtable discussion with prominent blacks leaders to discuss how bad things are in the nation.

There already are some issues, when you have of all people Oprah leading a discussion on how tough things are in the country.

Yes, it is interesting to have a woman who has her own entire network holding a discussion on how tough things are — which was carried on over a dozen other channels at the same time.

For more head-shaking one of Oprah’s guests was Nikole Hannah-Jones, the creator behind the disastrous New York Times fiasco The 1619 project.

It is a little bit confounding that Nikole would go with this ”living with the current” analogy, given that she was widely lauded in the media for her project that was proven to be deeply flawed factually. She was granted every permission and excuse to put out that doomed product, and she has suffered little for it.

In fact, she was brazen enough to recently come out and say that it was wrong of the New York Times to print the now-infamous Tom Cotton Op-Ed. She actually said to the frequently fact-challenged Brian Stelter, ”We as a news organization should not be running something offering misinformation to the public unchecked.”

The writer of The 1619 Project actually said that.

This is the level of wisdom Oprah and her elite squad delivered on her widely distributed forum.

Sounds about right.

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