It would be understandable – even expected – if most people missed out on the fact that yesterday a number of states held primary elections. It seems like these lightly attended affairs were all but ignored during a pandemic and outbreaks of violence.

But there was a notable result in a Republican election, where longtime Representative Steve King was defeated by challenger Randy Feenstra. While King’s racist comments, and the rebukes he received as a result, would appear to have been his undoing that would be the wrong analysis. No, it seems that the celebrity agitator Alyssa Milano was the driving force behind his ouster.

She said that. She actually used ”we” in her tweet. Alyssa is claiming to be the reason that King was voted out. It was not the result of King having his committee assignments t=stripped from him by Republican leaders, Mitch McConnell telling him to get a new line of work, and President Trump endorsing Feenstra. Nope – it was Alyssa’s efforts that got the job done.

And an Iowan, apparently…

Yes, very telling; when the supposedly racist GOP removes a politician for racist comments Alyssa wants to rise up and claim she was behind it all. Despite being an avowed leftist. And probably struggling to find Iowa on the map.

As for ”we voted” a racist out of office there seems a problem with her boasting on the matter. Let’s look at who she has been loudly backing for months now.

And…ummm…there appears to be a rather lengthy list of other politicians currently holding office who have a rather problematic resume’ on racial and intolerant issues.

Those are the heroines of their party. The Squad members are not eligible to be criticized for the intolerance they spew with regularity. But as far as Alyssa is considered this constitutes as a ”we” moment for her. Somehow. Inexplicably.

As always with this one…