It is becoming more suspicious that what we are enduring across this nation is a wholly fabricated uprising. The rapid and very organized way riots have ”spontaneously” erupted in dozens of cities has been enough, the ersatz outrage said to be over a cop-killing in Minneapolis making little sense of justification for burning down Nashville City Hall, or setting fire to St. John’s Cathedral in Washington D.C.

It has become more than blatant that Antifa coordination has been in play. Another curious detail suggesting organization comes in the form of stories of bricks being found in cities across the country. Earlier today Sam showed a video of white thugs condemned by protestors for passing out bricks by car. But these convenient weapons are not merely showing up as handfuls of masonry being passed out randomly. The plotting becomes a possibility when we see the large deliveries of these projectiles, in city after city.

Far more than speculation – seeing this happening in multiple locations becomes extremely concerning.

There is a focus on this activity involving law enforcement looking into the possible origins of these coincidental paver deliveries.

It is enough to make a person curious. Or, enraged. Okay, okay — it can be BOTH things.

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