Hey gang, you all remember Brian Stelter, right? We ask because it may have been as long as a day since we last had a laugh at the expense of the media hall-monitor with an obsession with Fox News and a constantly sour attitude towards the president.

Well Ttaer has come forward with a bit of a confession today. It turns out that the weeks of constantly harping on the bad news and the overreporting of every single possibly negative move made by the administration and the perpetual drone of dire news has started to have an effect — on Brian Stelter himself.

It feels wrong against basic human nature to find amusement in these comments, but just exactly how does a man like Stelter divorce himself and his very industry from the items he is mourning over in these tweets?! ”Political rhetoric that bears no resemblance to reality”?? You just describe the behavior of your network, Brian. Those seem to be the very marching orders of Jim Acosta in 2020.

Thankfully any guilt felt around these offices at the reaction to Tater’s emotional crisis is dispelled by the fact we were not the only ones who fell into an eye-rolling reaction.

But it was nice of Brian to segue deftly from the massive pain felt across the nation and turn the attention on those truly in need of sympathy at this time.

Yes, that was a nifty touch on his part. Journalists are screeching about the prospect of opening the country back up so the tens of millions who are out of work can return to normalcy, but we should pause for a moment about how THEY might feel?! Yea, sorry — but nope.

The amazement is that Stelter expected us to react emotionally without regard to their work the past few months to foster this very reality.

The people who have wanted this result are starting to have negative emotional reactions to the reality they helped build? Well, welcome to the party, pal.