It really was only a matter of time. With the overwhelming popularity of a documentary based on a collection of dysfunctional and possibly violent wild animal keepers, someone was bound to inject it into the campaign season.

Well liberal pundit from Fox News Juan Williams has taken the whip and declared how the Netflix show ”Tiger King” can be applied to the Joe Biden campaign. In an op-ed published in The Hill, Williams dares to set foot in the wild cat cage, making a bid to steer the Biden camp into the wildlife preserve.

To say that this shot-glass-deep political theory was met with skepticism is to traffic in kindness. Out of the gate, he was not met with roars of approval.

Toss Alan some red meat for this. Juan’s point is at the very least here, forced. The amusing part is that he gives us every reason to discount his theory early on the column. He floats his idea by a Washington player and is delivered a rather stark rebuke.

When I asked a Washington wiseman about the political message coming from the show’s success, he tried to stop the conversation. “Why do you bring politics into everything?” he asked.

This should have been enough to halt Williams from continuing, but instead, he went on what he thought was a profound dose of prolix. He justifies this theory by drawing up the fact that the primary character in the show, the self-proclaimed ”Tiger King” Joe Exotic, had participated in politics…technically. ”The central character in “Tiger King,” ran for political office twice,” informs Williams

Yea, in a fashion. Joe Exotic was a perpetual attention fiend and, while he did participate in elections, they were more of the publicity stunt variety. He ran in the Libertarian primary for governor of Oklahoma, coming in a distant third. He also ran for President of the United States. He received 1,000 votes.

This is what Juan Williams uses as his justification to prattle on. He invokes Donald Trump’s reality show pedigree and states how this should be used in the upcoming election in judo-like fashion.

To flip the script, Democrats need to outdo Trump with a more fascinating show featuring their own heroes and villains. “Tiger King” provides the script outline for how Democrats can replace Trump as the leading man in contemporary political culture.

You are supposed to be overwhelmed by Juan’s brilliant assessment here. I’m not sure you were supposed to inject pragmatic political thought.

Juan sure did not…

Let’s just try not to imagine what might happen with this proposal were ”Biden Exotic” to run with it.