By this stage it is getting shocking that anyone would take CNN seriously. We mean on any subject, of course, but especially on the matter of the coronavirus outbreak. The network has been particularly embarrassing in the way it has handled the coverage of the pandemic, from Jim Acosta’s constant insipid questions at the briefings to the obstinate wat the network has refused to even air the daily task force pressers.

Of particular note is the way CNN has sent out attack-pundits to level harsh criticisms at the vaunted medical minds on the coronavirus task force, attempting to paint Dr. Deborah Birx as incompetent and not a source to listen to, as an example. Meanwhile, the network of experts has interviewed deeply trenchant thinkers on the subject, such as actor Sean Penn, and the screenwriter of the movie ”Contagion”.

Then on Thursday the network held a coronavirus townhall, with one speaker being the virologist and pathogen expert…Magic Johnson. During the course of the broadcast, they were fielding questions for a doctor, displaying the queries at the bottom of the screen. One off-message question managed to get past all of the Covid-19 experts at the network.

There is just so much satisfaction in seeing that image. The network so consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome to the extent it cannot even recognize when it is mocked over it is just delicious irony.

You have to imagine the control room scramble that took place, only after the dawning realization.

Yes, whomever this intern was working the board in Atlanta you just know they have been let go with a non-coronavirus furlough.

Then again, they may have been forgiven by management, based on audience metrics. The ratings for the first quarter of this year are in and the already flagging network is now foundering.

This means that mistakes like this are easily forgiven, considering so few actually witnessed the mess.

This is so true that it is even funnier.