Recall how weeks ago the press was all in a tumult, loudly declaring they wanted to begin hearing from medical professionals and how the administration needed to begin listening to viral experts? Like so many other demands that have been leveled by the journalist class, those have now been contradicted.

The attempt has been made to drive a wedge between President Trump and his advisor Dr. Fauci (following the demand that Trump listens to doctors) and then this weekend the media worked overtime to attempt discrediting Dr. Deborah Birx, for daring to compliment the president.

However, the press has gone out and found some experts they WILL listen to for advice on the pandemic.

Thankfully, some guidance we can all use. So Winslet is turned to here because, though not a medically trained virologist with empirical experience in the field of pathogenic outbreaks…she has played one in the movies.

I know you might be wondering about her expertise here, but consider this — considering how she would not let Jack on the door in ”Titanic” Winslet DOES know something about social distancing.

This next one is a bit more problematic. The World Health Organization has really seen its image become compromised these past months, between dropping the ball on notifications and showing a bit of fealty to the communist Chinese leadership. That said, I’m not so sure this news bolsters their image as a serious source.

Insert viral meat dress comment — HERE.

This is the reality of the press these days. They scorch the president for not listening to medical professionals, then what do they do? They ridicule and insult the career of trained experts, they demand networks stop carrying the coronavirus briefings with medical leaders, and then deliver to us messages from the pampered elites. It is almost as if they are demanding we stop taking them seriously.

Well done CNN – you have proven yourselves to be entirely serious on this dire matter.