One of the more maddening aspects of the reaction to the Wuhan virus has been the recent insistence that making any type of regional designation to the contagion is suddenly racist. This is an attempt to demonize the administration by appeasing the Chi-Com government leaders, but that only adds to the comedy.

Attempting to join in on the hysteria is the growingly desperate Cenk Uygur, who has had a tough couple of weeks. Cenk tried to use his own children as the cudgel in his latest attempt, and it really is a large bowl of bat-crap ignorance.

Problems with this myth were quickly pointed out. For one —

Huh. This is a detail you would expect a cagey mind like Uygur would be appraised about. But were that the only detail that does not add up in his fable.

Yea, that Cornyn character certainly carries more influence than, say, Sponge Bob on minds of 4th graders. Oh, and speaking of schools —

Yea, oops there as well. Now sure, you could make the point that this story could have occurred before the closings, but then Mr. Uygur is not known to be the type to just sit on a piece of information like this for nearly a week.

Yes, it is unclear why his American children would feel the effects of naming a virus from a country that is not their lineage, but then again being unclear seems to be Uygur’s stock in trade.

There’s also another matter of concern — since he is in an area where the elementary children are influenced by political punditry.

Also too, hate to have him influencing them on world history.

So with all the evidence in and the details weighed accordingly, we need to draw up our favorite pie chart to display our findings on this matter.

Based on how his year of 2020 is going Cenk may be better off self-quarantining for a good spell — staying out of the public eye will do the man some good.