As we reported earlier today Joe Biden is in Michigan campaigning — if that is what can be said of telling voters they are full of sh– and challenging them with violence. Most sane people saw that clip and either thought that was an ill-conceived strategy or, ”The old guy is losing it”.

Well, nobody around here ever accused the press of being sane. The media took a gander at Crazy Uncle Joe at the car plant and they swooned. The first order of business was for the Biden campaign to put a happy spin on things. They are actually trying to suggest they want this video going viral.

We have submitted requests for rate sheets and contracts.

In proper order the DNC sycophants in the media complex have risen in predictable fashion, declaring what a magnificent performance this unhinged display from Biden had been. It has devolved into a classic ”Do not believe your lying senses” scenario.

Really Dave, ”fact to fact”? Biden referenced ”AR-14s” (good luck finding one of those) and referred to them as ”machine guns” (uh, no they are not). Ah, not to worry — those are details his Gun Czar Beto O’Rourke will sort out later. After all, there 150 million lives to save every year.

Agreeing with Frum was this contributor to USA Today.

Oh, so that’s what we are going to go with, ”tough guy”?! For most of seeing that display from an uncle would be enough to make us take the TV remote away. But sure, let’s just go with ”tough”.

”Directness”. We suppose that is an accurate term for telling someone they are ”full of sh–”. Might have a quibble on whether that was a selling point, but then we are not a direct conduit to the DNC here at Twitchy.

Next we have one of our favorite ”conservative” pundits weighing in.

What Ana fails to grasp is that after years of carping about Trump being unpresidential to now start praising that behavior means that Trump’s behavior is now acceptable. That means many will want to remain with the status quo.

Oh, this is a fun game! Let’s try another Venn-Circle– Journalists who said that losing his cool when being accused of rape on national television was disqualifying for Brett Kavanaugh but praise Biden for losing his sh– when asked a question about guns.

Finally we have Caitlyn Huey-Burns from CBS News. She feels this display today will only help out Biden’s cause. One might expect a bit more introspection from a political reporter, as she calls back to another recent episode of this nature.

His supporters loved it, she states. Yet we are able to go back and actually analyze the results.

So great – we have the media complex praising Joe for what amounted to a performance that led to a fourth-place result. And it seems his campaign workers are going along with this mindset. Well, I’m sure this will all turn out well, as long as everyone continues to ignore the evidence.