Let’s face it, there are plenty of rampant contradictions in the rap music scene. Seeing Ice-T and Ice Cube in the role of cops in movies, for instance. After singing about bringin’ down the house Vanilla Ice now has a home improvement show.

And now it appears a seminal rap group has been torn asunder by conflict. Was it the coastal rap wars, was it conflicts with police, or was it a spate of violence as artists attempt to raise their street cred?

Nope – was an old Jewish guy from Vermont.

You tread that correctly — Bernie Sander has broken up Public Enemy.

I am certain nobody saw that one coming down the road.

How do they miss out that if Sanders had his way he would be centralizing power? I guess like actors and athletes it appears rap stars are no more impressive with their grasp of socio-political issues. Almost seems their musical activism could be questioned.