The ladies of the talk show The View frequently make it in the news — and here on Twitchy. Their inability to think in a pragmatic fashion before spouting incoherent and hilariously inaccurate content is forever a source of material, and we thank them.

Less frequent is when a guest on the show has a noteworthy appearance, and even more rare is the guest who stands out by getting the best of the hostesses. Florida Representative Matt Gaetz appeared on the show and he gave a stellar performance.

Not only was he able to hold up against their accusatory line of questioning but he performed the miraculous at times — he had the ladies in stunned silence. Behold.

This is a great object lesson for GOP politicians on how manage yourself with the media. Not just on a show like The View, but with the media in general. For far too long Republicans have been meek and overly deferential. Gaetz shows the way here, by being both forceful and cordial. He was prepared and did not accept the false premises thrown at him.

Yes, they are, and yes they did. You can sense how the women here were confident they could pin Gaetz to the ropes and make an example out of him. He took it to them right from the start, and then would not allow for manipulated assumptions to be introduced.

You can be certain that is a VIEWpoint that they do not hear too often on the program.

Gaetz can be a polarizing figure in Washington, to be sure, but credit the man in recent months for showing a tenacity and conviction that has been lacking in the GOP. He was a solid voice int he impeachment inquiry, willing to challenge and question the Democrats. Even if you don’t like the man you have to appreciate the energy.

And just as useful, he can be lighthearted with his commentary. That goes far in getting the message out to the public.