If you are going to be in a KISS cover band there are a number of things you have to get right. The makeup (of course) the costumes, and sure — we suppose — the music. Also the special effects on stage.

Watch this video where all of these elements come together for this guitarist in a way he would never intend — but unfazed he still going with the song!

This was from the cover band Hairball, and the guitarist is Rockstar Bob Jensen.

In a post-show interview Jensen explained what he experienced — and that his hair-metal persona has been somewhat affected.

I knew I was on fire right away, and that wasn’t a wig, that’s my hair,” he told Ultimate Classic Rock. “It was really nice and foofy before the show, now I have a nice Alice Cooper cut. I live an Evel Knievel kind of life, so if I’m on fire a little bit I don’t care – that’s just part of the fun.

AAaaah…we see what you did there…

Now go ahead with your week with the confidence that whichever challenges are thrown at you you can persevere.