Mike Bloomberg is running for President. You may have missed that detail in the flood of commercials, banner ads in news sites, YouTube video intros, and a $5 million Super Bowl spot.

He’s also getting a boost from the Democrat National Committee. They recently altered the rules for the debates so he will be able to appear on stage tonight in New Hampshire with the other candidates. Also, Bloomberg has staff on his campaign who also have positions on the DNC rules committee. The man is getting some serious help, is what we are saying.

Well, this surely will not help. Twitchy regular Comfortably Smug has come into possession of a video that mini-Mike is likely to not want circulating. It involves America’s favorite sexual predator lauding Bloomberg, and then going further with some rather unsavory comments.

The video has some muddled audio, but after praising Bloomberg Harvey tells an anecdote about his formidable years and learning about independent films. He tells of seeing an ad for the film ”The 400 Blows”. Then while laughing he says, ”We thought it meant something else.” He then says he and his brother walked 5 miles to find that theater.


Now on its own this is not a campaign-rendering issue, but having a personal appearance with Weinstein being effusive towards the mayor, and then launching into an off-color sex-tinged story is a bit uncomfortable, and shows how in his heydays Weinstein was connected to many political power players.

Such as…

Well, you asked…

We somehow get the sense that Mike will not be able to shrug off these past examples with the same ease of Trump.