Writer Andy Ngo has constantly been the target of Antifa and its leftist supporters. It is not unusual for him to absorb harsh comments and threats on social media, but you have to say it is unique when the one delivering the antagonism is a place of business.

Andy shared an exchange he received from the Hanging Hills Brewery account. It is not at all difficult to guess where on the political scale these zymurgy zealots rest.

Pretty brazen move, and rather surprising to see a business actually putting down on record a threatening screed like this. What could go wrong…

As you can expect – but apparently a business owner can NOT – there was a quick backlash to the comments made. Shock of shocks, the provocative comments made by the brewer managed to provoke reactions — who’d a thunk that?!?!

That is some precious obliviousness; you promote assault, then complain about others ”saying mean things”. But that seems expected from those who say they oppose violence and use that stance to justify promoting violent behavior.

Joe Ploof, the owner of Hanging Hills, later came back and posted a long thread attempting to walk back his aggressive comments.  He felt that expressing all of their supposed goodwill int the community should excuse his actions.

Warm and welcoming, unless he opposes your political views. Also, the leftists who have been policing humor and speech for years are now expected to be excused from violent speech because ”it was a joke”.

Promoting assault and mocking serious injury upon a political opponent are acts of righteousness, you see.

It’s the other people who are angry, not Joe, who was proclaiming he would throw products at a potential patron. Also, as he is claiming he was taking responsibility for his comments, he seems to be missing one component.

Truth. But this is the common practice of the extreme left. They love to police language and dictate thoughts and actions, but if they ever have their own standards applied to their speech anyone complaining is a snowflake, upset with a joke.

Maybe Joe and the gang at Hanging Hills should whip up a batch of Double Standard Wan Ale.