The Twitterverse is all abuzz with both sides becoming enflamed over comments that ”GOP POLITICAL OPERATIVE” Rick Wilson made on Don Lemon’s program on CNN mocking President Trump and his supporters over being able to locate Ukraine on a map.

The entire chortle-fest with Don Lemon was a strawman to begin with; no one had misidentified the country. It was all based on a supposed off-mic conversation Mike Pompeo had with an interviewee from NPR. That detail does not impede Wilson, Lemon, and NY Times reporter Wajahat Ali from lapsing into a sophomoric mock-fest on the airwaves.

A quick peek back to last fall. Remember when ‘Sharpie-gate’ was all the rage? CNN spent days trying to sell the public that President Trump had lied, and it was one of the biggest issues of his Presidency.

In order to sell that Tater went on to say Trump is inherently challenged by geography. In selling that message though he had to overlook that just days earlier his own network had an issue with a hurricane map.

This is the Apple Network for you — mocking the president over inaccurate hurricane maps while producing inaccurate hurricane maps.

There can be no excuse made about this being doctored. Those media experts and Babylon Bee correctors at SNOPES confirm this happened.

Not to get all Cult-45 MAGA-mad-hatter about this, but many would say that it is a few levels of difficulty higher to spy a country in Eastern Europe than one of the Southern United States.

But these are the media elite, and our social betters. We should not ridicule them over a lone oversight. This sort of thing almost NEVER happens.

Oh dammit…

Okay, okay – some stray examples. CNN would never be this careless with their designations. They are cartography experts who are diligent about what they put on camera, and mock those who are functionally ignorant about foreign countries.



Fine, there may be a few examples. But those are foreign countries, which are hard. At least they can get America correct. That’s standard Map-Making-101.

Don’t…they have studios in New York???

This is just painful…


You know what, CNN should just put all of its programming on a 5-second delay so it can scrub ANY mention ever made about maps, going forward.