Things have been rather dicey down in the US territory of Puerto Rico since…well for generations now. While the island has been dealing with the aftermath of significant earthquakes weeks back, compounding ongoing stresses brought on by the massive hurricane last year, things are starting to possibly reach a breaking point for citizens.

They were marching on the governor’s mansion, setting up a guillotine in the capitol square.

This week came news reports earthquake victims in need of emergency provisions raiding a warehouse that had stored relief supplies following Hurricane Maria’s devastation. These supplies had been sitting dormant, never getting distributed. This echoes similar stories that came out after the hurricane when aid remained stagnant at the ports. It now seems the residents are not as eager to believe leaders pointing the blame at the White House.

And this is more than just a novel occurrence.

Good point.

Although, there could have been another source of inspiration.

A number of those from #TheResistance reacted with oblivious inspiration.

Why? They are going after the DEMOCRAT leadership, one that has long dominated offices in Puerto Rico.

While there have been some loud voices trying to blame President Trump for the island’s strife he cannot be credited for some rather glaring issues that predated him. An antiquated electrical grid that should have been upgraded long ago has been a constantly failing system. Decades of corruption and hyper-progressive policies have created an economic quagmire so bad that more residents live on the US mainland now than on the island itself.

While the history of Puerto Rico basically indicates they are primed to continue receiving more of the same, this is at least a sign that those remaining are starting to see the need for change.