It was for much of yesterday morning that Emily Lindin, an avowed feminist and proven shallow-thinking author, spent trying to sell the concept that abortion was normal. One could say that, if you want to be regarded as a serious mind on social matters, maybe not retweeting insipid articles from Teen Vogue is a good first step. A favorite hot take was her stating that abortion was the ”most responsible decision” a woman could make about her body.

I’m sure being polluted with testosterone leads one to ask why avoiding the unwanted pregnancy in the first place is somehow not a more responsible decision.

Well — Emily did not stop with her lengthy attempt to forward the abortion agenda. Later in the day, she made an attempt at cutting down some of those who opposed her stance. It…went just about as well as her earlier attempts.

Understand, this is a woman positioning herself as some type of expert on sexual matters, as well as lecturing about the workings — both inner and outer — of the female form. She now has taken the stance that somehow deciding to have an abortion impacts the pleasure experienced from the previous act that led to the conception.

Ohhhhhh…………………………………………………………….kay then.

No, no — she’s totally and completely an absolute entirely super hyper-smart expert on sexuality. Don’t you see that blue check next to her name? It means her smartness is the smartest kind of intellectual smarticism on the market.

It’s pretty easy to grasp; once you agree to have an abortion it means you will have a more intense orgasm…uh, 2 months ago…er, when you conceived.

This response needs all the love it deserves.

She posted a ratio in the 300/1 level. That is all the measurement needed.