It has become one of the more tiresome aspects of the media in the Trump era — an industry compiling numerous tiresome aspects — in that they complain continuously how they, as reporters, are constantly under threat. Somehow Trump is endangering them as professionals and yet they continue to complain about it. Regularly. Constantly. Perpetually.

Consider this — notice that the people who continuously complain about being silenced never manage to shut up. Hmmmm.

The latest to wail about being muted to the general masses is New York Times scribe Maggie Haberman. In response to the President lending support to the Iranian people, the Dear Ms. Haberman had to make this entirely about herself.

Obliviousness, thy name is Maggie.

You just have to love the fact that she complains vehemently about being targeted and criticized by Trump, seemingly unable to rationalize that she is ABLE to complain vehemently in a public forum.

Well, were she to take your advice Bunny then what on Earth would Maggie complain about then? The real amusing aspect is that while she is free to complain about the President she feels it is somehow wrong for the President to complain about the press.

Watch it, Chuck — being critical of her will put you on a level of Iranian officials tossing journalists in a gulag!

What is even more precious is the small squadron of Resistance Fighters who support Maggie’s claim, all because she is critical of the President.

The Iranian people have been protesting for some time now — but he is ”trying to start’ it, with a solitary tweet.

If only we could find a reporter brave enough to be critical of the President!!

So, the White House choosing to suspend its own practice is somehow threatening the press. To help you out here, making the decision to not participate in a charade is hardly a threat to freedom of the press.

Consider how divorced from reality you need to be to write this; insisting the President battles press freedom here in the US, in response to a reporter free to make a comment on social media. Seems the evidence shows Trump is losing this supposed battle.

Many have been pointing out that Maggie is being a tad melodramatic here, and you would have to agree. She is completely safe and secure. President Trump was mentioning how reporters are threatened with jail time, or worse because they voiced opposition to the Iranian rulers.

Our own reporters are in no such danger — they have been enthusiastic supporters of the Iranian regime for weeks now!