We thought over the past weekend all the glowing media coverage granted to General Soleimani, the brutal Iranian terrorist leader we killed in Iraq, was the low point of our media complex. Well, these gravediggers are still shoveling.

On CNN they turned not to State Department officials for word on the conflict brewing in Iraq, but to the Iranians. Cristiane Amanpour interviewed Iranian Vice President Massoumeh Ebtekar. Yes, they are giving airtime to an enemy state and avowed terrorists.

Just amazing…and at the same time, not so much. The running joke all weekend was only Donald Trump could inspire the Left and the media to support a terrorist regime. Well, they have now taken it to a level exceeding humor.

This is true — Ebtekar was one of the dissidents behind the taking of American hostages from the Iranian embassy in the late 1970s. She pledged she willing to kill the hostages. CNN has checked out of The Hotel Reality.

This is the same network that while accusing the President of being racist had on the air white supremacist Richard Spencer to criticize him. Now they sell the narrative of President Trump acting in terrorist fashion by having on a terrorist to spout agitprop about the conflict.

The encouraging thing is that people are aware of this and are calling out the network for this brazen anti-American dog-and-pony display.

And it is not as if CNN and Amanpour can simply dismiss that as old news while they are seeking to get both sides of a contemporary story. They are granting favor here to an active leader in the violence against us in the region.

An excellent question. That kind of questioning would never transpire on CNN of course — it sounds suspiciously close to journalism, after all.

Maybe not dead, but lying in a coma as it awaits a brain donor.