If you did not watch the most recent Democratic Presidential debate — and based on the dismal ratings there is a likelihood that you did — then you missed a very tepid affair. Even Politico, co-host of the event with PBS, said as much…and now the outlet is tripping over itself to apologize for this.

The latest outrage delivered from the ever-outrageous Left is over a completely innocuous phrase, and the only thing more ridiculous is Politico issuing a mea culpa over…nothing.

On Thursday, ahead of the debate, Politico covered some of the potential topics and expectations of the following evening’s confrontation in its Politico Playbook. Here is what it had to say about Pete Buttigieg’s prospects for the night.

THAT SAID, IMPEACHMENT IS ALSO AN OPPORTUNITY for one of the candidates to cast themselves as something very different from the sturm and drang of Washington. Could this be PETE BUTTIGIEG? The South Bend mayor has been testing an outsider message in a field dominated by D.C. insiders, but he’s been a bit sidetracked by his pillow fight with ELIZABETH WARREN and endless stories about his Harvard days, McKinsey clients and wine-cave fundraisers in Napa.

If you failed to catch the offensiveness, do no fret. That means you are conducting a proper and upright lifestyle devoid of grievance addiction and perpetual offensiveness. The next morning Politico informed us of how it had erred.

Good Friday morning. GLAAD sent us a note yesterday about Playbook PM, noting that our use of “pillow fight” when describing a fight between Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren may have offended people. That was not our intent — pillow fight, in our mind, connotes a fight where no one draws blood.

Mark your calendars, everyone – Christmas, 2019. That is when the term ”pillow fight” became weaponized as an outrage phrase of intolerance.

— Drew Anderson from GLAAD explains his view: “For women and LGBTQ people at the workplace, hearing phrases like ‘dramatic,’ ‘over the top,’ and even ‘pillow fight’ during office disagreements fosters negative stereotypes and diminishes a person simply because of who they are. Disagreements happen in politics, but using these loaded terms during disputes feed into the sexist and homophobic tropes that simply have no place in our political coverage and rhetoric.”

Well now, we are going to need a ruling. Who specifically was offended in the use of this deeply offensive phrase? If ”women and LGTBQetc” are demeaned in its use then was it Liz Warren, or Mayor Pete? Possibly both???

This shaping up to be the next ”circle game” manufactured outrage cycle.

It has been a busy holiday season for the Grinches at GLAAD. Last week they were in a snit over The Hallmark Channel pulling a commercial featuring a lesbian couple. Then recently it sparked a feud (a pillow fight, one might say?) with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling over her having an opinion about trans individuals.

Politico would have been better off not responding to the letter. The outlet could have taken the stance of Rowling, whose representatives were approached by GLAAD to have a sit-down discussion over her ”hatred” — they declined the outreach.

Instead by acknowledging this ridiculous charge from the leftist Word Police Politico is giving them yet more ammunition to now go after others who refuse to comport properly. We will have to wait and see if GLAAD has the feathers flying again on this issue.


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