Wow, people across the spectrum have become deeply invested in Greta Thunberg ever since Time Magazine put her on the cover. (And hey, credit to them for doing so — when was the last time this many people talked about Time Magazine?!) It is starting to appear very few have a balanced mindset regarding this teenaged activist.

Frankly, it is a mystery. Any proper debate regarding what Thunberg says should follow this template:

  1. She’s how old?
  2. Moving on

Of course, this means that the President could not move on, and he made comments about the teen, which only spiked the passion of those on the left. Like so many of her supporters, actor Don Cheadle picked up the mantle in support of Greta.

You just have to love it when the noble and socially upright experts who always lecture us against making sweeping prejudicial assumptions about others are perfectly free to make sweeping prejudicial assumptions of others. It’s almost precious. But also he is off the mark here.

It is this, exactly. If Greta is above criticism and we cannot be critical of her words because she is a teen then we also cannot be loudly applauding her for the exact same reason. If her words are off-limits to criticism due to her age then they are equally off-limits to praise and public broadcast.

What is amazing is that with all of the wise adults scattered about the planet the best spokesperson that could be found is a petulant and emotional teen. Pardon us for not hanging on her every word.

But Cheadle takes it to another level of dizziness. He tries to praise the young girl, and yet in doing so manages to unravel his original point.

You grasping this? Greta, you see, is a strong-willed and forceful girl who has the strength to push adults! Oh, and if any adults dare challenge her or criticize her comments they are ”attacking” a child so she needs to be defended from these unacceptable words.

Don seemed to take exception to this exposure of his comments. He responded with a rambling dose of loaded questions, which were rather far afield of the discussion.

The attempt was made to steer things back to the main path.

So we understand, Greta is a force of nature who can withstand any confrontation and can overcome all challenges — unless somebody says something…