The funniest part of the media bias is when it starts to affect the other members of the media. The social hand-wringers worry about undue influence on the general public, but when journalists are duped by the practice no one seems so concerned.

It is so very revealing that when Fox News has so much as a typo in a chyron, Brian Stelter and his stunted spuds of minions react with instantaneous scorn and derision.

However, when major media outlets or news syndicates commit a significant breach of protocol and commit journalistic malpractice there is no such commensurate outrage. For a guy who is the self-anointed guard-Corgi of journalistic ethics, you would expect a bit more diligence.

Take the latest example: Reuters had a recent story about immigration, in regards to the number of children incarcerated in holding facilities worldwide. A new study was released by the United Nations covering the amount of kids held in detention, entitled “Children Deprived of Liberty”.

Reuters put out a syndicated piece on the UN announcement, made on Monday. The UN spokesperson gave some grave statistics, and of course invoked the name of Donald Trump, and his policies. Then after the news cycle dies down, there is this notable alteration to the story.

Obviously Reuters elected to just run the UN press releases, rather than reading the actual report, which gave the dates. But come on now, who needs to actually read a report that is so scathing of President Trump?!

So yes, once again, the media dumps out a story on the horrific plight of immigrant children detainees, only to have it come back the details concern the actions of the Obama administration. What needs to be noted here is not the inaccuracies in the story — those have been cataloged and will continue to be.

What is telling is the reaction to this revised information. Reuters did not make a correction, nor is there a revised story going out. It issues a single sentence of corrective information: “The United Nations issued a statement on Nov. 19 saying the number was not current but was for the year 2015.”

That is the extent of the content now to be offered on the story. The news feeder is completely taking down the piece. “No replacement story will be issued.” In other words, the blatantly inaccurate smear on the Trump administration is completely memory-holed.

Note Jennifer Bendery — a VP of the Washington Press Club — taking the same action. No curiosity, no further reporting, no explanation detailing the data. It is simply retract, and wash your hands of the mess.

Turns out Jennifer actually opposes the very practice — that she was a partner in executing.

We will just assume those questions are rhetorical — largely because we all know she will never answer those.

A) That second thing, that’s what will happen. Or has happened, as it were.

To fully understand though, Jennifer was REALLY concerned over the non-issue that was Obama’s tan suit. That was a story worthy of her journalistic skills.

Kids in cages?? How does that possibly compare to a possible sartorial scandal? You people need to focus on what is important.