It has been quite revealing how incurious the mainstream media can become when it is a Democrat at the center of a scandal. The Katie Hill story has many of the expected elements of journalistic hackery; initial avoidance of the story, creating explanations for the guilty, avoiding the actual wrongdoing at all cost, and detailing how conservative attention on the actions is the real story.

After our partner site RedState broke the story of the California congresswoman who was discovered to be having affairs with staff members, in violation of House ethics rules, the media has been outraged. At Jennifer VanLaar, and at RedState.

Yesterday we detailed how Jill Filipovic wants federal investigations into RedState and is declaring they reveal their source for the photos and texts proving Hill’s affairs. Today the media is in full support of the disgraced congresswoman.

It is a marvel of just how wretched the media complex in this country has become, and we have Katie Hill to thank. On her timeline she has linked to all of the media outlets that have declared the woman, who quit due to obvious ethics violations for preying on her younger subordinate staff member, is actually a “victim”.

This is just amazing obliviousness. She did not resign “because of nudes”. Her nudes (which were not shown by RedState, mind you) were posted on a wife-swapping dating website. By herself.

She was guilty of sexual harassment in the workplace, in only one way — it was proven.

Now she was “blackmailed”. Not proven guilty, mind you.

Oh, the people on her side said that? Well, must be the truth then — if you are a journalistic outlet looking to defend her. I mean, why would you go and do something crazy, like investigate the facts in the story???

Pulling up the highschool yearbooks of Brett Kavanaugh and unverified testimony of opponents was not exploitation, correct? The difference between the two, of course, is that Katie Hill’s issues were provable.

She preyed on a younger staff member. Remember when you were saying that behavior was unacceptable? Now today the attacker is the “victim”.

Then perhaps the best hot take was this, from The Independent.

That is just magnificent. Her own actions led to her downfall. But no, that cannot be the case! It has to be men!

Guaranteed this week is only going to become more bizarre. And I think we can start laying odds today on what the chances are that the next Democratic Party debate will have someone promoting the need for “Revenge porn legislation”.

I’ll open those bets at 15-1, likely to drop soon.