For years now Adam Schiff has distinguished himself in many ways. He is a staunch opponent of Donald Trump. He is willing to spend years on conspiracies (Russian collusion, Ukraine phone call). He also selectively leaks items to the press to help his own narrative.

Now consider this bit of hilarity about the House member.

Considering all of these realities it would only make sense that a secret military mission instituted by the White House would take place without input from the Leaker-In-Chief.

Of course the man who has proven himself unworthy to be trusted with classified intel is surprised to be out of the loop on a classified mission.

We don’t care who you are, that’s just funny right there!

Then there is something that MSNBC and the democrats do not normally traffick in — reality.

Considering the mission was a consummate success with no loss of American lives there is little to complain about. It also justifies that not telling Schiff was the proper move.