It may seem like a natural fit already, that being the hyper leftists in Hollywood and the hyper-leftist agenda item of abortion. There has always been a wide number of celebrities, and lesser luminaries who have come forward with their vocal support of the cause.

Despite this support Planned Parenthood feels that they do not get enough free publicity, so the Washington Post has reported that America’s infant abattoir has embedded a liaison in Hollywood who works with studios to get more content in entertainment that is supportive of abortion.

It is estimated that since Caren Spruch began her direct outreach in Hollywood five years ago upwards of 150 programs have had abortion content of some sort in them. Her official title there is Director of Arts and Entertainment Engagement. Not only does she do outreach, trying to coax productions to feature abortions in a positive light, but she also works on screenplays that have scenes that can use her expertise (script doctoring).

One screenwriter excitedly describes Spruch as “Planned Parenthood’s secret weapon.” Amazingly as this is playing out it flies in the face of one of the abortion advocates’ favorite defense lines.

We frequently hear from the advocates that nobody likes abortions, and no one celebrates them. Yet here is Planned Parenthood actively campaigning to have abortions featured favorably in movies and supported with celebrity endorsements. Think of this dichotomy of thought in Hollywood; within the last generation cigarette smoking has all but disappeared from film, but now they are actively lobbying that same industry to glamorize the eradication of a life.

Then there is this tired argument;

Sure. Abortions are such a minuscule part of the PPFA business model they want Hollywood to effectively advertise the procedure on its behalf, and not the 97% of other services it provides. Curious as well is why the outfit spends tens of millions annually on lobbying efforts and political donations to supportive candidates for such a negligible part of its business model.

Given that politics, as Andrew Breitbart noted, is downstream from our culture there are two main reasons PPFA is turning to Hollywood. It has more to do than just polls consistently showing most Americans oppose the procedure.

One is the growing list of states that are passing tougher abortion laws. (And do not buy the lie ‘old white men’ are passing these. Usually, the bills have women on as co-signers; in Louisiana, their heartbeat bill was co-written by a black female, and signed into law by a Democrat governor.) It is rather interesting that after the Blue Wave impeachment-focused Democrats have seen their pet platform item being undercut at the state level.

The second reason — abortion rates have been dropping, steadily.

It appears almost as if Planned Parenthood is in a state of panic, so they are running to their heroes in Hollywood to save them from the arch-villains in the GOP.

Seems a curious move, considering how they insist nobody wants these procedures, and they only make up 3% of the organization’s activities. You’d almost think they would be happy with that result…if we were to believe what they spin.