As we have seen all day the “new” (not at all new) accusations (not proof) of Brett Kavanaugh supposed sexual misbehavior in his youth is once again enraging those on the left.

Democrats and the press (to traffic in redundancy) are bleating loudly today about nothing new regarding the allegations we have all heard — and which have been disproven. Now we do not intend to suggest that there is coordination at play in all of this. That would be journalistically wrong. So instead we will do something the press avoids doing — we will show evidence.

We will open with one of our esteemed politicians.

Did you catch her using quotes to call into question the work of the FBI? (We’ll revisit that in just a bit.) Pretty bad to be sure, but it seems that last word is something that more than anonymous randos are tossing around this day. There appears a rather common thread among this nation’s thought leaders.

This seems serious! Repeating lies from one year ago does not make them more true. Nor does everyone on the same page repeating the same phrase, but this is the Left, after all.

But all of these influential minds dumping on the FBI calls back to another reality we all lived through not so long ago. Recall when these same minds used to say that it was a moral outrage when the President dared to question the integrity of the FBI?

But going after the FBI because you do not like a judge is acceptable?!?! We need clarification on where that line of when it is/is not acceptable rests, Senator.

Bad when Trump questions the FBI, but acceptable for you, correct Robert??

Ah well, if it were not for double-standards, and all…