As we showed earlier today, Greenpeace staged a protest this morning in Houston to shut down the oil shipping channels. They claimed they were making a statement about oil & gas that they intend to have mentioned during the Democrat presidential debate being held this evening.

One intrepid and not-at-all mousy protestor from the organization sent out a tweet early this morning from their staging area at the port.

(Now that you are done laughing)

It is bad enough that these climate-gripers are showing obliviousness, but to do so with layers of ignorance is all the more impressive.

Where to begin? Well, how about with what our 80lb warrior here is wearing to their protest?

Yeaaaaaa…maybe when lecturing us on the evils of petroleum, maybe adorning yourself entirely in products made from the vile substance is a bad look.

Your facts are killing the planet, Man!

Next question, of course, would also be one of inconvenience. It sounds noble to want to eradicate the use of oil and gasoline — but then what will we as a planet be transitioning towards using, exactly??? If “It’s time to end the age of oil“, then there must be an alternative at the ready that people are just clamoring to get, correct?

Which brings us lastly, given the nefarious nature of oil and gasoline, to ask one last question. What method of transportation did these noble energy knights use to travel to Houston, and to arrive on site?

Well, we cannot expect them to remain consistent and actually follow the very policies they want to force onto others, can we?!?! They are saving the planet! That kind of work is too important to then be expected to adhere to their own message!!!

They are achieving a noble result!