In just the latest example of the left lecturing on how wrong it is to hate and be intolerant, while intolerantly hating on a conservative figure, we have some entertainment news.

Netflix has announced the new season for “The Crown” has gone into production and Gillian Anderson will be playing the role of Margaret Thatcher.

That is a statement that is about as even-handed as she could possibly be, showing excitement and gratitude at the opportunity while also delivering enough signaling to those on the left by citing aspects of the former British Prime Minister whom they undoubtedly deplore.

Well…it was not enough. Following the announcement much outrage and teeth-gnashing was to be found. The level of histrionics over an actress playing a role is rather amusing.

But it stands to unreason, considering the utter bile these elevated minds hold for a deceased individual.

You have to love the impression by these souls that there was nothing whatsoever redeemable about the British leader — who was elected to three consecutive terms.

Are we going to to get the lecture now about tolerance and hatred?!

So remember: We all need to be open-minded and accepting of others with differing opinions. Also, it is completely acceptable for leftists to dance on the graves of those they disagree with politically.

Considering how bent out of shape they get over a dramatic casting it is surely going to lead to meltdowns once the show is actually broadcast!