As many here are aware the FaceBook-backed fact-checkers over at Snopes have exposed themselves as not just humor-impaired scolds but actually activists bearing a grudge when it comes to the satire outlet The Babylon Bee.

The so-called diligent truth-based outlet has shown it has a serious inability to grasp the meaning of the term “satire”, something the Babylon Bee has clearly labeled itself. So Snopes has endeavored to call out the inaccuracies in BB pieces, feeling as if it is doing noble work in explaining to the public how jokes are not factually accurate.

And as The Babylon Bee shows, it is Snopes itself that is becoming the punchline.

What makes this funnier is that it seems so damned realistic. The site that insists on calling out the factual inaccuracies in blatantly false humor pieces can so easily be seen spending its time picking apart the issues portrayed in animated feature films.

There is some hardcore truth. The very fact they get this upset over jokes essentially proves their insanity.

As they “report” in The Babylon Bee:

Whether Snopes is verifying the existence of a multiverse of various Spider-Men, the fact that there’s a secret Russian installation underneath the Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, or the assertion that there’s a magical nanny named Mary Poppins, you’ll be sure to get “just the facts” from

(ed. note: This was NOT an actual report.)

To say the Bee hit close to home with this one is rather evident.

One thing agreed upon is that this media feud is becoming only more enjoyable as it goes forward. We can only hope Snopes continues in its quest to debunk more gags and jokes — you know, for all of our protection.


We all can use this right now.