It was the doxxing that divided a nation! When Joaquin Castro thought he was sly in releasing a list of names and businesses who were donors to Donald Trump he failed to see repercussions, as most liberals do when they act out in an emotional fashion.

Not only did he receive a copious negative reaction for targeting retirees and private business owners he also managed to “out” some of those who were donors to his own campaign. And his lack of self-awareness did not end there.

It was just two summers back when Castro applauded the passage of some new legislation in his home state — an anti-cyber-bullying law.

But in one of the constants in the liberal mindset, they always believe they are in the mainstream with their beliefs. So when, for instance, they decide to target businesses in the fashion of Castro, they do not consider the marketplace is actually comprised of differing viewpoints.

For years leftist activists and politicians have tried to smother the prospects of Chick-Fil-A over political squabbles, and the chain has only managed to grow in stature during the controversies. Now we see another version of the manufactured outrage failing at what was intended. One of Castro’s doxxed business is seeing a windfall.

Many saw the intentions of the Congressman and have decided to support the business with enthusiasm. This is the fashion of voting with your wallet.

Looks like the desire to impact a business ended up working — just in the opposite as intended.

The business also managed to do something positive for the community, something Trump supporters are supposedly against — in the minds of reactionary partisans.

When a standing politician makes a stance to suppress the people the best reaction is for the people to rise up in opposition. This is the way that looks. Let’s hope Texans manage to maintain this spirit, as this is getting tougher by the day.