We have already been denied any further amusement from an Eric “Duke Nuke’em” Swalwell campaign, and by the looks of things we may only have Beto O’Rourke to laugh at for a short while as well.

So, in an effort to have some fun with the 0.0% trending future of this nation, there was a dose of good mockery to be had. While his platform has been all but non-existent in the minds of voters Beto has sure provided us with a number of mirthful photos and videos.

The latest has him, for some damned reason, grinning goofily from the floor in an airport terminal. Cue the snark stampede!

Let the mockery flow through you, people!


Uncle Rico is the perfect avatar for this man.

But let’s take a moment and appreceiate how novel this is.

Seriously, this is something of a refreshing change.

Although for some the image was just too much to inspire captions.

Oh, Beto…

We are going to miss you. And rather soon, according to the polls.