Bette Midler is on a tough losing streak. Coming hot off of her declaration that Twitter should just ban Donald Trump entirely from the platform (running contrary to those who sued to have his account opened to all) The Declined Miss M has moved on to her next cause — shaming sexual assault victims!

What provoked Bette was the story in The New Yorker about Al Franken regretting his resignation from the Senate over sexual assault charges. The story was written by Jane Mayer, who was behind some of the false testimonials in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Mayer does a 180 in ethics. After calling a number of women with accusations which had zero merits about Kavanaugh’s involvement “credible witnesses”, she decided to go after Franken’s main accuser and pick apart her very valid testimony. That’s because it is a Democrat who is involved. As a result Bette Midler felt the need to wade into the issue. Correction: she decided to do a cannon-ball into the issue.

This – tweet – is – a – marvel!!!

How many social violations does she cram into one tweet here?! Let’s see, we have victim-shaming, victim-blaming, removing her agency as a strong woman, acting the prude, and a refusal to “believe all women”, and protecting of a predatory male. Why not also club a baby seal while at it?!

Okay, well — that was fun while it lasted, but now the #MeToo movement has become dead in the water. In a remarkably short time, we have gone from “believe all women” to the decades-old standard that “some tarts have it coming because of their short skirts”.

Bette’s fans were no more reasoned in their support of the starlet’s position here, essentially doing the job of digging the hole for Ms. Midler.

Ummm, are you actually taking the position that a man should not answer for his actions because it was aa porn star who was involved? Seems to run contrary to the years of Stormy Daniels headlines, no?

Republicans…getting away with things. When did this start, exactly?

Actually, Bette skimmed an article. Why did Al not deserve what happened, when there were numerous women who came forward with credible allegations? Also, he admitted he was wrong.

The leftist activists have been calling men guilty and delivering punishments without due process over sex assault allegations for years. They were warned this was a bad precedent. But NOW it is only a problem when a dear elected official is ensnared. Plus — again, he admitted to the actions.

Okay, it is now acceptable to demean a woman because she dared come forward with a story of routine misbehavior by Franken. Well, it was more than “this ho”. Franken had FOUR women saying they were on the receiving end of inappropriate touching. Franken himself said, “I feel terribly that I’ve made some women feel badly and for that I am so sorry.”

So much for the “set up”.

He wrote that. “Democrats insist on playing by the rules”. I mean, it is inside one tweet, but I get no sense of irony from the context clues. But let’s see them trot out this agenda of victim-shaming in the next election.

That should really resonate in 2020!