It has been a tough week for those on the left. Sure, they think they scored some points in the media, but the reality is there has been nothing but bad news. Just one example: After days of pounding the podiums about how racist the President is a Rasmussen poll conducted this week came out and showed that as a result, FEWER people consider the President racist.

As the so-called AOC Squad gave their press conference this week Ayanna Pressley started by saying in reference to the president’s remarks, “Do not take the bait”. Of course, her partners did just that, and screeched mightily about race, collusion, intolerance, and impeachment. Well done, Ladies!

And it is in this environment that the President trolled some more, in a rather lighthearted fashion. The reelection campaign just came out with a new fundraising item, and you cannot help but laugh.

Maybe a correction is needed; You’ll laugh, unless you are self-serious and dour sort who is overly influenced by politics and prone to pearl-clutching. You know, like the gang over at Vice News.

In the exact same fashion as the Democrat Suicide Squad, Vice managed to acknowledge they were being played, and still fell for it. “In an apparent bid to trigger as many libs as possible…” goes the piece, before then launching into the hectoring tone of someone who is, in fact, triggered.

First, plastic straws, like much of the plastic people throw away, are really only recyclable in theory. In practice, they’re too small and flimsy, and there’s not much of a market for the type of plastic they’re made from — thus the many ongoing campaigns to get people to stop using them. But the president’s straws are touted as a way to “STAND WITH TRUMP” — unlike those flimsy straws, which couldn’t even stand up if they wanted to.

To go along with the totally not triggered and refusing-to-be-owned spirit note too they seem bothered by the “astronomically” high price tag.

It seems the detail that these are sold by the campaign for fundraising purposes is lost on these vaunted minds.

Or, even less-than-vaunted minds.

Now are they cheap, or overpriced?!?! This seems to derive from the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez school of economics.

Many others were bothered by the concept of someone daring to sell petroleum-based extruded cylindrical inhalation fluid transference devices.

But they are not angry at all, and are fully aware of being played, you see.

“Racist straws”. I know they did not mean for that to be humorous, but we are laughing. So clearly the leftists who refuse to be owned are totally not being owned…as they lose their minds, over straws.

At least some were willing to see the humor.


And that was kind of the point.