As weeks go it has not been the best for the lightning-rod-of-Congress, Ilhan Omar. She fell for Trump’s provocation and got into a beef with Nancy Pelosi. She came off as ridiculous while sitting in with Rachael Maddow, has sounded childish in claims of racism, and her bid for impeaching the President has been one big fizzle. Then Trump dropped the soundbite about Omar’s possible extensive perjury issues. It has been a tough one for the Rep. from Minnesota — and it is still only Thursday.

Then in a bid to render herself even less consequential she goes ahead and posts a tweet that she felt was a real dig on the GOP. Only her choice of source material is — laughable, but in the way she intended.

So your image has taken several severe hits, and your reputation is sliced to ribbons, and you think aligning yourself with the wrestler/politician of your state is a wise choice? Yea, this is going well…

But more than quoting a ridiculed loon, what of the message she sends here as a politician?


A valid question, right? The party that loves to preach about tolerance also loves to display intolerance. But then this being Omar that is being redundant.

Yet she did exactly that. And it was amazing.

She appears intent on striving to take that number lower. We can only wish her luck in her efforts.