All right gang, there is a major family-friendly Hollywood film about to be released, so you know what that means? Yes, some self-inflated leftist prigs are trying their damnedest to appear smarter than everyone else by dumping on a rather unobjectionable film.

While normally the kind of thing you could dismiss with a well-placed gif the difference here is the source. The formally science-based institution National Geographic has some issues with the film, though they do not approach it from the standpoint of an educational basis. Turns out the Society has a problem with the social implications…of a largely animated children’s lark.

Well, thankfully Nat Geo is on the case to give us the CORRECT portrayal of feminine dynamics — regarding a movie with talking animals…for a moment there the kids may come away from this film with an incorrect impression of wildlife!

Sure, some thought this approach was a grand idea.


I mean, she’s joking here – right? Oh, guess not.

It is probably a good time now to explain that there is a reason for the way the genders are presented in the film. Disney was not trying to rewrite the biological record in the name of patriarchy. The reason male characters are dominant is because the story of “The Lion King” is based directly on Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

Now sure there are some who might respond to this detail that there would be no problem swapping genders in that story. But be honest; if Disney made a film where sisters killed each other, and the niece was run off from the family because of a greedy desire for totalitarian power, they would be complaining about the toxic portrayal of women. And we would be in the exact same conversation.

And also I am dubious about all the other animals paying heed to the lions. Is it possible that lion prides do not operate like a home owner’s association???

You really need to stop man-splaining with your facts. Only their facts are valid in this discussion. Hope that cleared things up.