The adage goes that with most liberal causes at some point they will encounter a moment of stark contradiction. That has become something of the norm in the Trump-era, as liberals frequently will loudly oppose a policy they previously supported, only because it was forwarded by Orange Man Bad!

The latest involves folk dancing. That is, the kind of folks you would find inside of a gentleman’s dance club, where women disrobe for men who cannot seem to get drunk on $18 rum&Cokes. Normally those on the left lend their support for the urbane women in these establishments, as the sex worker is one of the recent demographics the Democrats have been courting. Now they have an issue.

The Washington Post has broken open a vital story. A strip club in Florida is hosting a golf tournament. A relatively normal occurrence. It happens frequently, without media attention. But, let’s say the owner of that particular golf club is a man targeted by said press corps, and then you have a story!

This is scandalous stuff, we are led to believe. Trump has holdings across the globe, and is not involved in the day-to-day decisions in each of his holdings. Because he is the owner of Doral then we are led to believe that…this means…something?

As expected however the same party that supports sex workers suddenly sees a problem when they leave their clothes on at a golf course.

So that’s a “Yep – they do believe the President is directly involved here”. Well struck, deep thinkers.

And then taking it to an even further level of ridiculousness this tournament Trump is not involved with is connected to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal he has not been implicated in.

Sure, this tournament was hastily put together and posters printed with gathered sponsors in just the past few days since Epstein was arrested on Saturday. Or, (and go with me on this) this has been a long in the works event and the arrest over the weekend was never accounted for by the planners. But hey, timing helps the narrative…even if facts do not.

Then I guess, after supporting sex workers all this time, it is appropriate to shame the President for being affiliated with sex workers?

Yea, I need a sliding scale to keep up with these shifting standards.