We are all accustomed to the TrumpDerangement Syndrome affecting the media. But sometimes it arrives at a level so remarkable you have to step back and marvel.

Right now there is a rumor that the US Women’s Soccer team is drawing interest. The team captain Megan Rapinoe has long been a figure attracting attention, and she seems to demand even more. Of late she has made caustic comments about the president and her refusal to visit D.C. if they win the Women’s World Cup. One writer at USA Today has taken the odd stance of applauding Rapinoe while waggling a finger at the president — over the EXACT same thing.

Nancy Armour writes an op-ed where she allows her vitriol to flow freely, while managing to be oblivious to the core facts about those items for which she is angry.

While it is perfectly clear that Nancy is no fan of the president, the amusement is that she blames him for items that she ends up confirming are not, in fact, his fault. Her anger is sparked by some tweets the president made in reference to the women’s team.

This was enough to send Armour into a fit of outrage in print, but she failed to apply some common sense to her ranting. She said of Trump’s comments that what he did was “rage at Rapinoe”. In declaring that it was the president who was causing a scene Armour states: “There are few things Trump loves more than stoking a good culture war.”

Allow a moment to now correct some items for Ms. Oblivious, using her own comments.

How do you accuse Trump of being the one who is raging when Rapinoe, unbidden by prior comments, came forward with “I am not going to the F-ing White House if we win!” And how is the president being blamed for a culture war, when it was Rapinoe who declared this opposition months ago?

Armour also accused Trump of policies “targeting” the gay community, while never detailing what those are. She seems oblivious to Trump long being a supporter of gay rights, and favoring gay marriage. She seems unaware of his recent comments wanting to pressure other nations which have an intolerance for gay rights.

Then Nancy Armour closes her piece in the most obtuse fashion. In decrying the president she says “Our cherished traditions…are being eroded by Trump and his sycophants.” If cherished traditions are such a concern, how does this writer applaud the very woman who is denigrating our traditions?!

Beyond her disrespect for the leader of the country, and refusing the honor of a visit to the White House, Megan Rapinoe has been in the practice of insulting the nation with her displays of protest during the National Anthem. She abjectly refuses to sing along, and will not place her hand over her heart. This is because of new rules mandating players stand for the Anthem.

She had long been in the practice of kneeling. Note the date when this particular instance was in the news; she had been doing so well before Trump was even elected as president.

Megan is carrying on this way WHILE being a representative of this nation. Nancy is unbothered by that level of disrespect. This all means what has Armour in such a frothing pique is the comments President made daring to respond to far harsher comments made, without provocation.

Better still is the outright fake outrage she displays at the supposed erosion of cherished traditions. The hilarity is Armour is busy cheering on a player who has actively been attempting to erode the type of traditions she would describe as cherished, for the sake of her self-aggrandizement.

And she has been doing so well before the man they want to blame has been in office. This outrage is less than selective — it is insipid.