It has been a tougher than expected summer season for Hollywood, so everyone is a little bit on edge. For weeks now a number of films have debuted to far lower box office returns than expected, so tensions are high.

So why would you do anything to anger the already short-fused Samuel L. Jackson?!?! His recent release “Shaft” was one of those films that sank in theaters. Keep that man happy!

The issue is the latest comic book hero is primed to be released, “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. However, ahead of its July 2 debut, a series of promotional posters have been released — and there were issues found, let’s say.

Think there is a graphic artist nervous about their job at the moment?

While some may suggest this is the kind of mundane detail that would get a basement-dwelling fanboy in a lather, someone else also noticed this image chicanery.

There is really only one solution:

Okay, while technically accurate here, you are trying way too hard — in order to make sense of a job where someone was not trying hard enough!

We all did Amy — and we are better because of it!