We have all become apathetic to the claims of the left about any policy that derives right-of-center. The tax cuts, pulling out of the climate deal, repairing Obamacare, and a number of other Trump Administration efforts were all promised to leave us as a nation with piles of dead bodies clogging our roadways.

One of the best examples of these hysterical reactionary promises was the issue of Net Neutrality. That particular policy was special because not only were we promised to be doomed out of existence but experts across the media attributed all manner of negative consequences would result.

Well this week was the one year anniversary of the striking down of the proposal, and it serves as a great lesson to go over much of the mayhem this was promised to provoke. Here’s hoping your dial-up services can load the entries, and someone in the house does not try to place a phone call and knock you off of the intertubes while reading!

No one better to deliver the unvarnished hyperbole than Bernie, the man who pledged to go after millionaires — and then promptly became one.

How was this an attack, exactly? Well according to the article, “Stripping away net neutrality is the latest attempt by the Trump Administration to silence voices of already marginalized communities and render us invisible,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD. I can come up with just one example that proves Sarah wrong: Eric Maza sure has not been silenced, nor marginalized. In truth, he is one who is working to silence and marginalize others, USING the internet.

Need to Google what “rotary phone” even means…if Google is still a thing anymore.

Then of course, there had to be a shorthand explanation about what the President has done.

Just weeks after #NetNeutrality passed average internet speeds increased. That is an innovation, and it allowed me to engage with Jessica Jones on Netflix with a higher resolution.

“Broke The Internet”. I’m going to need more bandwidth just to be able to draw up the list of how many times Alyssa Milano has been incorrect.

After that video of technicians using aborted fetuses as puppets, maybe less abortion information is not a bad idea???

I had to pay $4.99 to read that tweet.

Note how those bleating about “full access” on the web are the same ones who cheer when Twitter suspends accounts, FaceBook deplatforms outlets, and YouTube demonetizes users with whom they disagree. (Quite certain there is a word for this, but Thesaurus.com is STILL loading!)

Now let us not forget the true victims in all of this furor: the journalists!

Now you know something? CNN may have a case here. If you look at how their ratings have completely collapsed since Net Neutrality was rolled back…

Next, look at all the various groups that we no longer hear from as a result of this legislation. For instance, remember when we had black accounts on the intertubes?

This place is so boring since we no longer are able to hear from the blacks, the students, and the rurals!

And to close it out, Holden brings up a valid point that explains it all:

It is one of the key components to outrage — there is never accountability after it is disproven. In fact, usually those shown to be blatantly incorrect still claim some form of nobility for “caring”. Frankly, anyone who was pushing this hysterical conspiracy should have their accounts closed down.