One of the sheer delights in life is watching the activist left get ensnared in the very policies they angrily force upon us as a society. Right now we are chortling over Carlos Maza losing his mind that YouTube is deplatforming providers after calling for that very thing to happen, and the labor-loving outlet Vox being faced with its own writers strike.

One of the longer-running tales of amusement involves the radical left insisting that transgender athletes be permitted to compete as females. The unforeseen result (which they had been told would occur, numerous times by those people who identify as “sane”) is that more and more athletes born as male are winning titles and breaking records at various levels of competition.

It was just over a week ago when we saw the latest taking place.

The reliable satire-meisters over at The Babylon Bee have been rather sharp of late in their measurement of these events. One problem — they may put themselves out of work by not being satirical enough and too close to the truth.

Just in case Snopes is reading, the satirically attributed quote that they fabricated sums up the whole political issue:

“Crushing the hopes and dreams of females who’ve trained their whole lives only to be suddenly forced to compete against physically superior biological males is the perfect way to uplift women.”

Gold. They certainly hit the tuning fork clean on this piece.

Ouch! That’s some harsh truth right there.

Later the Bee came back and addressed the issue indirectly, and managed to land a direct hit.

When “Benchwarmers” makes more sense than real life it may be time for all of us to check out.